The Sustainable Shoe

We are keen to highlight the know-how of every man and woman working in our team.

From apprentice to master, every way of working, every gesture and every individual is important and given due credit.

Every day in our workshop, the value of our shoemaker and their work is truly brought to the fore: they are our most precious asset; our greatest pride and joy.

We are deeply attached to the nobility of our materials. We find their feel, their beauty and their smell a source of constant delight.

We rigorously choose our suppliers, all located in France. So short channels are absolutely out of the question for « Les Beaux Souliers ».

The quality of their cobbler’s pitch, the care given to their yarns, the robustness of their calf leather and their passion for their trade make them a vital part of our daily life.

We pay particular attention to the use of leather, which we consider a rare, finite material. For example, we are convinced that wastage can be avoided.

To combine beautiful skins with environmental friendliness, we work with leathers that come exclusively from leading French tanneries, using what they already have in stock.

This means that we never place any new orders; our high standards are content with fine leathers « waiting in the wings », which we select with meticulous care.