Our ready-to-wear range features all the tradition, nobility and skills of bespoke shoemaking. Lasted and sewn by hand from start to finish, the range is based on the existing lasts.

The models are made as one-of-a-kind items, or in very limited series. Our ever-developing creativity means that we constantly set ourselves new challenges.

The ready-to-wear range is an excellent start for demanding, elegant men who are already familiar with fine shoes, or simply curious to see what they are like.

This is the first step towards excellence: a powerful impetus that will gradually take you towards half-bespoke and, one day, bespoke shoes: a journey on which we very much hope to be your guide.


Half-bespoke embodies a desire to stand out and give your shoes a personal touch, reflecting your spirit and your own particular world.

We start with the existing lasts, then together we play around with the classics, change a few curves to open out new prospects and explore lines and materials until we design your own unique model.

Step by step, we guide you through the composition of your shoes, to which you contribute your own finely-tuned touches and subtleties.

And all this takes us to the antechamber of true bespoke shoes.

Bespoke shoes

First, you have an appointment with the master. Didier listens to you carefully to get a precise picture of what you want and need.

We watch you moving around in our workshop, studying your posture, the way you walk and all the signs that give us a clue to your aesthetic world.

Before starting work, we will need long sessions with you, talking, listening and discussing every detail.

First of all, we will work on your own lasts, which will involve trying out several outlines for your shoes.

And then we move into the actual making of the shoe. Prepare to abandon all your beliefs and learn a new language.

This is another world completely.