The Lasts

Our lasts are the very soul of our shoes. We take a piece of hornbeam wood and create harmony.

For long months, we worked on understanding every sensation, carefully considering each curve.

We offer variations in three lines: Adèle, Éthan and Dorianh



Éthan II


A soft square toe, subdued, discreet, light, harmonious.

We have worked its curves to produce a subtle and delicate effect.

The result is a light, elegant, distinctly feminine shape.

A rounded toe reminiscent of an almond, with patiently-worked, reassuring curves.

A model imbued with refined, generous virility that sacrifices nothing to looks.

A version of Ethan with a generously-rounded toe.

And yet its thorough elegance gives it a subtle, beautifully-mastered casual look.

A characterful chiselled toe with well-marked angles.

This is a bold statement with a highly singular aesthetic.

It is certainly our most controversial last, which leaves no one indifferent.