The Background

A meeting and a story of friendship between two men, with two different personalities and two different careers linked by a single passion: fine shoes.

Nearly ten years ago, Long LIU and Didier MARTINEZ met in the cobbler’s workshop of a mutual friend and true philosopher.

Long was then working as an Investment Banking consultant, but was already spending a large part of his free time in this workshop. Meanwhile, Didier was also spending time there, preparing a new collection.

During these years, Long became increasingly fascinated by the gestures, intensity, complexity and meticulousness of the shoemaker’s trade.

It was also during these years that they began to develop a crazy dream together: the large-scale production of handcrafted shoes, just as shoemakers and cobblers did in centuries past.

The subsequent years of work, research, trials, experiments and questioning in no way lessened their passion or bold intention to introduce the world’s finest shoes into our daily lives.

A long road that has finally led to a workshop: « Les Beaux Souliers ».